Entry 01

It is about time to start writing my blog which is supposed to have details about my research and thoughts for the Major Project in New Media Art and Design.

During my studies I found that usually it is very hard to find an idea for the project for any of the modules. I tend to look at the project few steps too far, meaning that at the point of initial thoughts regarding an idea I already worry about the issues connected with the creation of an artefact. From one point it is something good (as I try to avoid concepts which will be impossible to do) but from the other it limits my innovation. This time my lecturer asked me a question, which was “What is it that you like?” and then my horizons opened….

During the last week I have tried to find in my thoughts the most interesting areas of interest; especially those which could be used at my work. I can sincerely admit that those fields are: gaming, robotics, use of controversial topics in art (destruction, death, skeletons), fantasy and sci-fi. Most of those can be interconnected with each other and this would be my ideal solution for the final artefact.

As for now I have decided to look thoroughly into the topic or robotics or more likely robots itself. My research has already commenced but I will write about the outcome hopefully in the next blog entry.


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