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Entry 03 – Resources – books

December 4, 2010

Timothy N. Hornyak – “Loving The Machine: The Art and Science of Japanese Robots” – Amazon Interesting and inspiring book which describes the history of robots in Japan.

Donald Norman – “The design of future things” – Amazon – Author’s insight into the design of the things in the future, probabilities and connection.

Isaaz Asimov – “The complete Robot” – Amazon – Collection of short Asimov’s fictional stories about robots. Asimov very often implies philosophical questions related with that topic.

Philip K. Dick – “Do androids dream of electric sheep?” – Amazon – A novel, about a bounty hunter who hunts for renegade androids in the world where live animals are nearly extinct and it is a great pleasure to have one.

Arthur C.Clarke: “2001”, “2010”, “2061”, “3001” (Space Odyssey) – Series of books with fictional stories which main issue is AI computer.